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You were ALWAYS a dancer! – Arthur Murray® Ballroom Dancing

Arthur Murray®  Ballroom Dance Students: You were ALWAYS dancers! There’s a certain grammar our ballroom dance students use after they’ve begun their dance lessons. “I am a dancer.” Rarely do you hear anyone say, “Once I became a dancer…” And there’s a very good reason for that. Our students, and students worldwide, have always been dancers. Even if they didn’t…

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A Ballroom Dance Picnic Between Lessons!

Arthur Murray Federal Way shared a great photo archive a while back that warrants a revival! What happens when ballroom dancers go for a picnic? Find out for yourself! You can view the archive at Arthur Murray Federal Way’s Website!

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Open Letter To The Today Show From Arthur Murray Student

Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks shared a fantastic letter written by Goldie Levenstein, an 89 year old ballroom dance student, to the producers of the Today show.  We couldn’t improve on the content whatsoever, so here is the letter in its entirety. Dear Hoda Kotb & Kathie Lee Gifford c/o The Today Show, NBC I’ve watched your show for many years and enjoyed…

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Can Ballroom Dancing cure symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

Can Ballroom Dancing really cure symptoms of Parkinson’s? One dancer says, “Yes!” We came across a mezmorizing article yesterday which everyone is encouraged to read in full. The story chronicles the one Clyde Cressler and his strugles with Parkinson’s disease and how he was able to find temporary relief from the pain the disease caused in his legs… through the Tango!…

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