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Richard & Kelly Dancing Rumba in LeNique Dancewear

Kelly and Richard of Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Temecula show off their best moves while wearing LeNique dancewear! You two look wonderful!

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Can Ballroom Dancing cure symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

Can Ballroom Dancing really cure symptoms of Parkinson’s? One dancer says, “Yes!” We came across a mezmorizing article yesterday which everyone is encouraged to read in full. The story chronicles the one Clyde Cressler and his strugles with Parkinson’s disease and how he was able to find temporary relief from the pain the disease caused in his legs… through the Tango!…

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Arthur Murray’s 1922 Advertisement – “Don’t be a Wallflower”

In 1912, a young man named Murray Teichman began teaching dance in the evening, while working in an architectural office during the day. He was a fast learner, and by 1914 he changed his name to Arthur Murray and was established as a leading teacher to members of the upper class. Mr. Murray’s revolutionary use of advertising techniques attracted national attention.…

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